Catherine is a recognized leader and has been leading physicians for over 20 years.  From an overseas Army Clinic, to private practice, then Kaiser Permanente, she has worked tirelessly to improve the practice of medicine. 

In her daily work and with CMA, Catherine’s leadership and compassion have delivered significant improvements in reducing administrative burdens and improving the care for patients.
She has led multi-specialty groups in her practice and across the State and has championed physician wellness for 18+ years. 

These varied experiences make her the candidate for President-Elect who understands the unique challenges of each type of practice and how your work as a physician is impacted by outside influences.  


Please review her experience below and reach out to share your concerns and top priorities. 

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Dr. Gutfreund has 20+ years in the CMA including
9 years on the Board of Trustees. She has served on multiple committees and TAC. (Technical Advisory Committee).  
She was the prior president of her medical association and part of the President's Forum.  She organized and led the Women in Medicine Conference as part of the Leadership Academy.

• Board of Trustees, CMA, 2013-present, representing VLGPF
• Finance Committee: 2020-present
• Council on Science and Public Health 2017-2018

• Council on Nominations 2015-2019

• Gun Violence TAC 2017
• Leadership Academy 2012: Women in Medicine conference
• TAC Chair (Alignment of CMA with CMS), 2011
• Reference Committee D HOD, 2010–2012
• Reference Committee C Chair HOD, 2008
• Reference Committee C HOD, 2007

• President, 2010–2011

  President Elect 2009-2010
  Secretary 2009
• Award Outstanding Contribution to SCMA 2012
• SCMA and SCMA Alliance Joint Health Careers       Scholarship Cmt. 2009-2011
• District X Delegate HOD 2002-2013

• Member 2000-present
• Delegate 2009, 2010

• Sonoma County Family Physician of the Year 2012

• California Academy of Family Physicians’ Physician of the Month February 2011

Dr. Gutfreund interviewing Governor Newsom

Catherine is a passionate advocate for domestic violence prevention and the education of students, physicians and staff.  Through her work she has significantly improved identification of violence against women and has developed pathways to connect the survivors to community resources.

Leadership Roles
• Physician in Charge
  Santa Rosa Mercury Way 2018-present 

Physician leader: multi-specialty group, 200+ primary and specialty care physicians, nursing and medical assistant staff, pharmacy, lab, radiology, social work, and physical therapy.  
• Santa Rosa Family Physician of the Year 2020
• Kaiser Permanente Legislative Cmt. 2006–present
• COVID-19 Testing and Clinic Lead

Dr. Gutfreund led operations for outpatient testing (up 800+ patients per day), clinical care for COVID positive patients and assisted in surveillance clinic to provide care at home.
Primary Care Regional Depression Chair

Catherine led multi-disciplinary teams to improve the care of patients with depression. Under her leadership quality scores increased at every KP facility. Improved a Hedis metric on medication adherence from 3 to 5 stars
in the past year. 

• Regional Co-Chair for ACEs/TIC cmt. 2018-2021
Developed pathways for ACEs education and screening
• Physician lead for Santa Rosa Govt. Relations

• Physician Well-being Chair

In her practice Catherine continues to be a strong leader for helping physicians in wellness and worked on pathways to decrease administrative burden and ensure all can work to the top of their scope of practice. She led multi-specialty groups helping to find consensus between primary and specialty care. She excelled in improving patient experience and quality in many arenas and led depression care management and a team to improve a depression Hedis metric from 3 to 5 stars in less than 1.5 years.  

• Regional Vice Chair, Complementary & Integrative
Kaiser Permanente Northern CA, 2014-17
• Chief, Complementary & Integrative Medicine
   Santa Rosa 2010- 2018

• Physician Lead, Neighbors in Health 2008–2010
(Health care & preventative services for under or uninsured children in Sonoma County)
• Hospitalist 2006-2016
• Module Leader, 9 physicians 2009-2015

• Family Violence Prevention Champion 2007-2018

        Education and prevention of domestic violence

Private Practice
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Roles

• Physician Advisor for Length of Stay /QA Task Force, 2003–2004
• Medical Executive Committee, Chief of Medical Staff 2002-2004

• Physician Well-being committee 2002-2006

• Hospitalist 2000-2006

Leadership Training
• 200+ hours of leadership training to include
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Participation in Sonoma County Public Health Covid vaccine meeting

Presentations at International Futures Without Violence Conference

Catherine with Dr. Vincent Filetti, author of the original Adverse Childhood Experience study.  

Catherine organized a conference on "food as medicine and obesity".  The conference focused on the relationship of ACEs, obesity, food insecurities, health outcomes, and how whole foods act as medicine to heal.  

While in the military, as commander of the Wiesbaden Health Clinic, Dr. Gutfreund lead the implementation of tricare/managed care and documentation and coding.  This was not part of the military health care system at the time and took much consensus building and trust of her staff to accomplish this important task. 

Family Physicians at the HOD

Televised CME: Adverse Childhood Experiences with Dr. Herz and Dr Gore